1. Hey nohalfpills, just wanted to tell you I love the blog and really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. It's very helpful and informative. Much love & respect.

  2. Info on Green Transformers?

    If they’re the new doraemon crew transformers from socal theyre an MDA/MDMA combo pill. Can’t tell you much more than that with the info you’ve given me. I’d buy a test kit because transformers are one of the most common bunk stamps in the history of all pills ever pressed.

    The end.

  3. You mentioned fake (or imitation) presses for tabs I was wondering if you ever heard of fake presses for pharmaceuticals, namely XANAX w/ the 2 on the back?

    Again, unless you’re in a 3rd world country, pharmaceuticals will always be the real deal. The bars in question aren’t pharmaceuticals though. The 2mg “XANAX” bars are pressed independantly by a 3rd party and distributed to nonmedical personnel (drug dealers). They should actually be a bit stronger than 2mg pharmaceutical bars. They’re actually my favorite bar x] If you think they’re fake try them, as I’m not aware of any bunk variants of that press.

    If they don’t get you faded let me know

  4. Let me get that followback on IG. I read that you have shit poppin on great presses here in SoCal

    Anon logic: fail


  5. Hey, any knowledge on Red Dolphins press

    You’d have to give me more details about the press. What area are you in, is the dolphin facing left or right, and is the pill red or pink? That’s a super common stamp and could very well be bunk as fuck but there’s been a couple legit dolphin stamps in past circulation in SoCal. I’d invest in a test kit or just avoid the press.

    Need more info bruhhh

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  7. snorlaxatives:

    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.•) pssst… eat my ass

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  8. Are you bringing those pressed pills to escape? ;)

    Probably gonna try the Nespressos and WBs so yea it’s quite likely

    Happy monday!

  9. M’s are my faaav

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  10. nohalfpills:

    The Nintendo 2.0

  11. nohalfpills:

    Purple magnets (+/-)

  12. nohalfpills:

    The new Warner Bros lookin fresh for halloween ;-;

  13. nohalfpills:

    Blue Barclays

  14. nohalfpills:

    Nintendo crew is back in Black ;)

  15. neutralrnilkmotel:


    is this a common american occurrence?


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