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    if you’ve ever had a pressed pill better than these, you need to let me know immediately.

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    Raspberry Kush Crumble.

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  8. Such ass. Very yes. Much unf.

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  10. I hope another crew starts up. Cali is super dry. Reboots I wish you never left. Greatest thing next are so scarce fml lol. Monsters. And I refuse to go with doreamon

    Reboot crew went above and beyond what ANY US presser has ever done. So many pheelz for that crew. Yea it’s pretty bad. Monsters were actually pretty good I wouldn’t mind just having those but the doraemon crew dropped the bar from a place that wasn’t very impressive to begin with. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of imports in Cali over the upcoming months unless a local presser gets their shit together and puts out a pill worth buying. 

    I’ve had a hard day you guys -.-



    Aurora Borealis, 2013 Stein Liland

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